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Installation system:

ROYAL GUARD is a natural and ecological decorative coating, of high quality powder, based on NHL5 hydraulic lime, hydrated lime, carbonate sands, micronized marbles, workability regulators and valuable fillers such as marbles etc. It is used both in new buildings and on buildings of historic interest. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and gives the wall a silky touch finish of the highest quality.

The product can be colored upon customer request with natural earths or oxides and can be enhanced with the addition of ground marble or other valuable aggregates.

ROYAL GUARD  is characterized by:

  •  Totally natural product

  •  No VOCs

  •  Wide choice of finishes available

  •  High range of customizable colors

  •  Excellent workability.

  •  Excellent resistance to atmospheric agents in all   environmental conditions

  •  High adhesion to the support

  •  Excellent vapor permeability

  •  High resistance to carbonation

  •  Washable

  •  Pleasant appearance

  •  Also impedes the development of moulds and bacterical colonies


ROYAL GUARD  complies with regulation 2004/42/EC (Legislative Decree no. 161 of 27 March 2006) as regards the content of volatile organic solvents and has a low degree of emissivity in the air. The product is classified in class A+ according to the French regulation DEVL1104875A..

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